Hadi Amirpour

Hadi Amirpour!

Electrical & Computer & Biomedical Engineer!

Video & Image Coding Expert!

I am currently working at ATHENA project in collaboration with Bitmovin.

Previously, I was involved in the project EmergIMG, a Portuguese consortium on emerging imaging technologies, funded by the Portuguese Funding agency and H2020.

My reserach interests:
News: I will co-chair the SMS workshop at MobiSys'21.
News: Paper entitled "Quality evaluation of holographic images coded with standard codecs" got accepted at Transactions on Multimedia (TMM).
News: Paper entitled "Efficient Light Field Image Compression with Enhanced Random Access" got accepted at Transactions on Multimedia (TOMM).
News: Paper entitled "Efficient content-adaptive feature-based shot detection for HTTP Adaptive streaming" got accepted at ICIP'21.
News: Paper entitled "Fast Multi-Resolution and Multi-Rate Encoding for HTTP Adaptive Streaming Using Machine Learning" got accepted at OJ-SP.
News: Paper entitled "Efficient Multi-Encoding Algorithms for HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming" got accepted at PCS'21.
News: Paper entitled "PSTR: Per-title encoding using Spatio-Temporal Resolutions" got accepted at ICME'21.
News: Paper entitled "SLFC: Scalable Light Field Coding" got accepted at DCC'21.
News: Paper entitled "Quality evaluation of digital holographic data encoded on the object plane using state-of-the-art codecs" got accepted at ICIP'20.